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Forklift - Operation and Safety v1.2.1H5 (MAINSSSTFL)

The forklift is one of the most common pieces of equipment in operation today, used in many types of material handling applications. As more efficient methods for storing products are implemented and environments become more challenging, there has been increasing need for more maneuverable forklift trucks that can reach greater heights. This brings new challenges to operating them safely. Because the danger and complexity of their simple operation can be deceptive, powered industrial trucks are often treated with less respect than they deserve.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
• Become familiar with the forklift components.
• Understand machine stability and center of gravity.
• Learn how to use the data plate to calculate safe load handling.
• Understand operator responsibility and safety precautions when working with a forklift.
• Learn the basic operating skills required of a forklift.


Lesson 1: Introduction
• Overview of the topics covered in the course.
• Describe operator responsibility when working with the forklift.
• Overview of general safety.

Lesson 2: Major Components
• Identify the safety features and major components of the forklift.
• Describe the steering configuration.
• Identify warning labels, stickers, and decals.
• Introduce the data plate.

Lesson 3: Machine Stability
• Explain the relationship between the machine geometry and operational dynamics, a crucial foundation for maximizing machine stability.
• Explain the center of gravity, the "stability triangle," and contributing factors that affect it.
• Explain how to improve stability when maneuvering, lifting, and transporting a load.

Lesson 4: Data Plate
• Describe how to identify the forklift’s data plate and where to locate it.
• Describe what information is contained on the data plate and explain why this information is important.
• Explain how to interpret and apply data plate information in making task and load decisions, as well has how to understand the limitations of the machine.

Lesson 5: Operator and Workplace
• Explain the operator's responsibility to be adequately trained and qualified, and to be aware of the environment or workplace where the forklift will be operated.
• Explain how to perform a thorough pre-use inspection.
• Explain how to mount and dismount the machine, as well as how to position yourself during operation.
• Describe the importance of safety and knowing risks and environmental factors.
• Describe how to avoid a tip-over and what precautions to take if hazards are encountered.
• Explain the proper procedure to safely refuel or recharge the forklift.

Lesson 6: Operation
• Describe how to assess and deal with problematic loads.
• Describe how to handle, transport, and place materials.
• Describe working conditions and the limitations of the machine to which they must pay attention.
• Describe day-to-day activities, including proper roading procedures, stopping, shutting down, and parking of a typical forklift.

Final Exam – 30 question exam with incorrect response feedback

Trainers: Before you begin classroom or field training, why not provide your trainees with a solid foundation of knowledge about the equipment and how to operate it safely? This e-learning training course can be delivered anytime, anywhere you have access to a high-speed internet connection.

Overall Course Specifications:
Estimated length of training program: 1 - 2 hours + final test
Number of test questions: 30
Printable Certificate of Completion: Yes, with person's name, date, and test score
Final Exam Feedback report: Yes
Language: English
Narration: Yes

Immediate online delivery for one person - viewable for up to 60 days

  • Introduction
  • Major Components
  • Machine Stability
  • Data Plate
  • Operator and Workplace
  • Operation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year